"Reminiscent of Hella or Don Cab." "Complex conversational playing." "Trippy as fuck."
Discorder Magazine

Mi'ens is a Vancouver-based mathy noise rock duo. Experimental, with a side of sparklepop. Female-fronted shredding, backed with polyrhythmic blastbeats. Founded in 2012, Mi'ens is Kim on guitar/looper, Evan on drums. 
"The Vancouver-based duo of drummer Evan and guitarist-looper-frontwoman Kim (last names withheld by request) are experts in a quite specific yet hard-to-pin-down style of artsy, noisy math-rock, perhaps best summarized by the title of their 2014 debut, experimentalsparklenoisepop.
Their prowess is even more clearly defined on Challenger, bursting with technical instrumental jams for those who gravitate to the warmer side of Battles, Don Caballero, and Trans Am. Evan propels the polyrhythmic momentum, while Kim’s shredding breaks the sound barrier, the two delivering a sonic assault and always pushing forward with a spring in their step."
Photo: Patrick McLean
"Vancouver math rock duo Mi'ens have just released a new EP called Challenger. The release offers plenty of rhythmic twists and turns along with a surprisingly dense sound- you'll find it hard to believe there are only two people at work."
The Georgia Straight
“Multiple loops, guitar lines that go in and out of phase, poly-rhythms, and some sparkly riffs you can dance to.
If you are looking for an easy listen then you’ve come to the wrong place. The Vancouver duo known as Mi’ens (Kim Glennie on voice/guitar/loops and Evan Heggen on drums) don’t play up to anyone’s expectations and they follow their musical muse wherever it may take them. Choose to follow them and you’ll be rewarded with superb art-rock/post-rock because, despite the angular melodies, complex guitar lines and odd time signatures, there is a true warmth at the heart of their music."
Exclaim! Magazine
Math Rock duo Mi’ens certainly make an impression with their latest release,Challenger. True to this sub-genre of indie rock, Mi’ens’ utilize unconventional song structures, unusual time signatures, and melodic dissonance in order to showcase musical ability. At times, it is easy to hear the influence of their Math Rock forefathers. Spiderland by Slint, Mirrored by Battles, American Don by Don Caballero and American Football’s self-titled album have all clearly left a mark on Mi’ens. An immense amount of music theory knowledge, talent and accuracy is a prerequisite for math rock, and Mi’ens do not falter. “Challenger,” the eponymous track of the album is a composition in which guitars juxtapose themselves, woven between each other in counterpoint. The melody of this track is as jagged as it is repetitive, but catchy nonetheless. “Ja Baar,” the third track off the album, contains a seriously impressive guitar melody that sounds as if it spans the entirety of the guitar neck.

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New 10" vinyl Challenger, 2016, on Kingfisher Bluez.
Debut LP experimentalsparklenoisepop on bandcamp. 

[email protected] 
Photos: Duncan Cairns-Brenner
Photos: Kim Glennie
Discorder Magazine
Watch the video for Dewey Decibel System
The first track on the latest Mi'ens album, Challenger